• New artickle again about wooden kitchens

    All our kitchen carcasses and kitchen doors are constructed with solid wood, sourced from FSC certified sustainable forests.

    Delivering Nationwide and offering outstanding levels of customer service we have developed, over our 21 year history, into one of the country's leading suppliers of quality rigid kitchens. Kids will love sharing this fantastic kitchen with its great possibilities for learning and laughing through role-play. These types of kitchen units are usually massed produced for the big DIY shops using cheaper materials to keep cost down, but is it really cost effective as the kitchen might look that it needs to be replaced again within just a few years.

    Over 35 different styles Choose from a large range of quality wooden and standard size doors. We can supply colour matching units , fitted with soft close drawers and runners. That is why we are so passionate about our fitted kitchensWe believe each range should be as beautiful and unique as possible which is why we have such a large range of units and products to suit you.

    Moreover, our efficient direct-to-customer model and in-house processes ensure that customers can receive their dream kitchen within just two weeks - with faster lead-times still available for cabinets without frontals. From our carcasses to our solid oak drawers (which come supplied with premium BLUM fixings), superb quality is guaranteed. Our cabinets come with a full 5 year warranty and are manufactured in bulk to provide a large stock holding, low price, and quick availability to you, the customer.

    We use high quality CNC machinery before treating these cabinets and carcasses with a three-coat lacquer for a resilient, aesthetically pleasing finish. When it comes to creating beautiful freestanding kitchens, British Standard wants everyone who appreciates good design and properly made joinery to be able to afford it. We make it possible for our customers to enjoy quality kitchens at affordable prices by taking out the bespoke design service, the delivery and the fitting and by offering a select range of items in standard sizes. If you are a homeowner with a new or existing wooden kitchen and looking for a cost effective solution to brighten up the heart of your home then please contact me.
    wooden kitchens
    I have said this on here before, they have been painted with a hard plastic coating. If you can keep your oiled floor regularly oiled (we normally recommend once/twice a year) you should not have any issues with stains or marks, but if you allow your floor dry out the wood will become porous and absorb any moisture that comes in contact with it, this will cause the floor to mark and stain. If your wood floor beneath the lacquer gets stained it can be very difficult to fix, you can try to isolate the affected boards then sand and re-lacquer them but in most cases a distinct colour difference will occur between the older boards and the newly lacquered boards.

    New artickle again about wooden kitchens

    Whether it be a new cupboard to store your luxury items, or a set of wardrobes - we can make it. The beauty of having handmade furniture is that it is made to measure, so we can make it to fit exactly with your ideas and requirements.

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