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    A real wood, hand painted oak kitchen can instantly turn a purely functional area into an inviting space that any guest would be delighted to visit. Children love pretending to cook as well as cooking with Mum and Dad. We design and manufacture beautiful bespoke handmade kitchen's to your exact specifications and provide a full CAD design and kitchen fitting service.

    Most important thing

    I don't think the default answer is to throw out your wooden kitchen just because it looks dated. You can simply wipe up spills without them marking the wood floor, obviously you can't leave spills for a prolonged period of time or eventually they will stain your floor. Evoke a warming country cottage atmosphere or add accent to more contemporary designs, creating a sense of luxury in compact and spacious kitchens alike.

    Your Kitchen can be painted to your unique design and colour allowing us to create elegant curved designs. Children also enjoy playing shop and we would love to help them along with our fantastic play shops. Another fun wooden playset is the Hape-My Creative Cookery Club kitchen.

    This is another spectacular refurbishment of a substantial custom-made Poggenpohl oak kitchen. An average lacquered oak or pine kitchen costs L1500 to L2100 to paint to look like new. A well made designer painted kitchen will last decades, and can look good for every one of those years, if maintained.

    How to start?!
    5, 10, 20 year old kitchens (or new installations), our invitation-only craftsmen have hundreds of successes under our belt. All wood used is sourced from FSC certified sustainable resources and we take great pride in designing a unique kitchen, manufactured using traditional methods by professional craftsmen. Back in the '90s in the UK I did a kitchen with a grey oak top and used zinc sheet as a splashback, for me it made the kitchen look a little washed out but it was what the customer wanted.

    Have you found the perfect splashback match for your wooden worktop? If you have wooden units, too, this look could be overkill. But, if you don't want to buy a whole new kitchen, you can spruce up your current units with gloss paint, although this won't give quite the same sheen.

    There are a number of flooring looks available, from the expensive real wood to the cheaper vinyl, which offers a huge range of style options such as concrete or stone effect. We have a small test that can be done, which involves applying a couple of drops of Oil on the surface of the wood to see if they soak in, but if you have been using White Spirits any Oil or Wax that was on there would be likely to have come off. If so, we'd love to hear about it. Feel free to comment.

    It's also best to avoid paste waxes and silicone-based products, where the eventual build-up of wax, which is desirable on other wood furniture, can attract dust. It's best to go for a proper wood surface cleaner and to avoid harsh supermarket cleaning products as these may mark, stain or strip away oiled surfaces.

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